Nurturing skin care with pure olive oil

The skin nurturing qualities of olive oil are well known and sort after. Rich in vitamins A, D, K and E, and hydrating squalene, olive oil can aid with decreasing oxidative stress on the skin, to help fight aging. Olive oil's antioxidant properties protect skin cells against environmental damage and inflammation. Triterpenes, which are particularly present in olive oil aid in many biological reactions for skin healing, cell migration, cell proliferation, and collagen deposition. Our soon to launch skin care range contains pure unfiltered extra virgin olive oil, combined with natural ingredients and organic essential oils, because we care for your skin and the environment. Our products are all small batch & handmade in Australia.

Natural fragrances from our grove garden and orchard are the inspiration for the beautiful aromas of our skin care range. Fragrant citrus and eucalyptus uplifts, lavender provides a sense of calm. Indulgent damask rose for self care, juniper and lemon myrtle enlivens, whilst peppermint & charcoal is crisply clean.

We hope you’ll love the range.